What People are  Saying

What customers say when you treat them like family

Some of us remember a time when you could count on a mechanic who was well-trained, experienced and trustworthy. Who you knew would get the job done right the first time. Who examined the basics like fluids, belts, and tires without being asked and without charging more for it. Who gave you an estimate and then came in under it. Who made you feel like their pricing was thoughtful and reasonable. Who made you believe that you weren't being gouged. Who explained line items and highlighted the important things on the bill before you paid for the repairs. Who wasn't condescending to women as if we know nothing about cars. It's more than nostalgia at Hansen's Auto. I couldn't have been more pleased. I can't imagine taking my car anywhere else.

Linda K.

I had brought my Hyundai in to the dealer for an oil change because they had sent me a $20 off coupon and they offered an "express oil change" service. When I got there, they told me that I needed an appointment. So I decided to throw the coupon away and go to Hansen's which is very close to my house and had been recommended by several people I know. They did the oil change for a fair price (probably about the same cost as I would have paid after the coupon was applied at the dealer). I sat there and waited as a customer came in who was clearly hurting and would need surgery the coming week. They told him that they would put his charges on his payment schedule. Twenty minutes after he left he returned and told the owner that he was unable to turn the key on his car. The owner went out there and helped him. These are compassionate and honest people. It's a family business and the owners' son was one of the mechanics. Go here and you can trust that you're getting high quality service for a fair price.

Steve H.

THANK YOU!! While we were on a family vacation in Madison our van broke down. We weren't familiar with the area and definitely didn't know who we could trust. We googled car repair in Madison and Hansen auto was the first listing. We managed to get our van there and were immediately greeted with smiles and popsicles for our kids from Susie!! They starting looking at our van right away and knowing we weren't from the area began working on it as soon as the parts came in. They even loaned us a car so we could take our kids to the zoo while we waited for the repairs to be done. When it was time to go we were all given more Popsicles and hugs from Susie. The pricing was fair and John kept us informed and updated throughout the day. What started out as an awful day was quickly turned around because of the crew at Hansen's Auto!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Brock & Sheryl J.
Honest & Reliable

Yesterday I took my car in to Hansen's for the 3rd or 4th time since moving to Madison. John and Joe are both awesome, treat me well, and my car is running better than ever. You simply won't find a better place, with nicer people, or with better prices. Thanks so much you guys!!

Benny B
Fair & Honest

This place is the only one I trust in Madison. They're honest, have fair prices and work hard to take care of their customers. Super friendly people that I'd recommend to anyone.

Andrew F.
Fast & Friendly

Honest, hardworking crew that was very helpful on the phone and in person. I had some bolts loose after my dad did some brake work on my car. They got me in early since they were booked for the day since I had to drive out of town that afternoon. Reasonable rates, friendly service and fixed the repair in under an hour. Couldn't have asked for better service on such short notice!

Kelly K.

I had a problem with the windshield washer pump on my old Subaru, and called them on a Monday morning at about 8 am. They were swamped, but told me to bring it in. By 10:30 I had a reasonable quote, and by 1:30 the part had been ordered and installed. They were friendly and easy to work with. I will definitely take my car back to them.

Jeff B.
Simply the Best!

The best mechanics I've ever known. Hansen's has taken care of me with honesty and integrity for several vehicles over ten years. Their work is the very best, and I've always gotten a detailed discussion of everything, so I've always been able to make informed decisions about the work. I would recommend Hansen's to anyone looking for a really good mechanic who actually stands behind their work -- they are hard to find.

David L.

I haven't done many reviews on Yelp, but I think my experience with Hansen's is worthy of my time. What I thought was a ignition problem, turned out to be a simple" dead battery". They assessed the situation quickly and had my auto back to me in no time. The staff was great and kind. I would definitely recommend taking your car to this family shop for your auto needs.

Brace C.

I came to visit my granddaughter in Madison, she is attending college, when I got here late Saturday afternoon she told me her car was overheating. I went onto Yelp and read their recommendations for their services and called and left a message. When I called on Monday, I spoke to John, he explained that they had 2 mechanics on vacation, but if I dropped off the car, he would see what they could do. He called that afternoon and told me that the radiator needed to be replaced. On Tuesday, he told me it was done, and the repairs cost less than he quoted me, which was awesome!! I want to thank them for dropping me off and picking me up at my granddaughter's apartment and rushing to get the repairs done before I had to leave town on Wednesday. I'm very pleased with their service and doing all they could to help me leave town with the security of knowing her car is running great!! Thanks again.

Jeanne H.

This place rocks! Look I do a lot of my own car repairs and after changing out some tie rods on both sides of the Honda Pilot I thought it would be a good idea to get the alignment taken care of. So off to Hansen's goes my beautiful wife and they treated her perfectly! Some garages are full of gruff, cranky, sometimes stinky staff....not Hansen's. They took the extra time to fully explain the process to M and went the extra mile tightening down a bolt that I hadn't quite torqued properly 🙂 I will definitely check them out again in the future and I highly recommend you give them a try yourself.

Jason H.

Took my Xterra in for a transmission flush yesterday. I am just blown away by how genuine Hansen's is. In their people, their work, everything. It feels like walking into a small-town garage where they've known you all your life. There is genuine politeness and service, not that corporate "be nice to the customer" training so many other places exhibit. It is a very welcome, and very rare thing these days. The work went great. I got an initial estimate, and a little later a call when things were going to go over. The reasons were explained in detail and were just common sense. There was no pressure. The cost was still WAY below other prices I have seen for other garages. I have even more little odds and ends work that needs to be done and Hansen's is where I'm going for all of it.

Jim H.

Quick service, nice crew, fairly priced. Went in to have a headlight changed. I was having difficulty doing it on my own due to the awkward design of the light placement. Even had a couple friends try and they failed as well. I called Hansen's shop and they told me I could come right in. I believe the gentleman that helped me was named John. Took him 5 seconds to pull the headlight out. Turned out I needed a new socket as well because the original had melted. They were able to get a new one put in within 20 minutes. It was great! Good to have both headlights back. Definitely will go back when the other one fails

Lauren L.